NeuralBay is a Singaporean company that specialises in image and video analytics, powered by computer vision and artificial intelligence techniques. We focus on developing software to detect and recognize various features pertaining to humans, objects and text.

Our consultancy division provides A.I. driven solutions for MNCs across the region, integration services with legacy systems, and complementary plug-and-play hardware for image capturing and edge processing. Some of our consultancy clients include local companies like Changi Airport Group and international companies such as Ferrero.

Apart from our consultancy division, we are currently in the midst of building the NeuralBay Marketplace, an online A.I. software platform for enterprises (SMEs) to purchase intelligent vision analytics solutions. Within each software suite are multiple software solutions. Instead of hiring an A.I. engineer or engaging expensive A.I. consultancy services, businesses can now search for those software on the NeuralBay marketplace that are applicable to their business, purchase a one-time licensing fee, download and deploy an A.I. driven solution.

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Aside from the work we do at NeuralBay, it also our personal goal to make Artificial Intelligence more accessible and available to everyone, even to those without technical expertise. We believe that our disruptive technology should be affordable and easy to use. Let us know what we can do for you, and read on to check out the team and business partners behind NeuralBay.

Annabelle Kwok, NeuralBay

What is your mission in life?

When asked this question at a conference, Annabelle shares with the audience about witnessing poverty in Africa, and how people around her were suffering from Malaria because of the lack of basic health resources.  
Listen to how this experience helped shape our fundamental belief here at NeuralBay.
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Annabelle Kwok, NeuralBay

Annabelle Kwok

  • LinkedIn Annabelle Kwok

Founding CEO

Mathematician, Hardware Hacker and A.I. Practitioner

Listed by Tech In Asia as "one of the five young southeast asian entrepreneurs to keep an eye on". Annabelle started programming from a young age and won her first robotics competition at around 7 years old. She has since won international competitions by companies like NVIDIA, worked on regional hardware-related projects with National Geographic, World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF), Maker Faire Singapore, and made TV appearances on National Geographic for building robots​.


She was also the founding CEO of SmartCow, a hardware company that builds industrial-grade deployment devices which allows users to apply GPU-accelerated edge computing and deep learning to network traffic.

Annabelle has been featured on both local and international media such as Channel NewsAsia, Yahoo! News, NVIDIA, US Embassy of Singapore, and has spoken at large conferences in countries including Dubai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Indonesia, China, and Iran. 


Frustrated with the school system and following his interest in programming, Yan dropped out of university to co-found a startup that developed an application that would drive traffic to F&B outlets by bringing discount deals to mobile gamers. Learning life's lessons the hard way, he subsequently joined a chatbot company and built chatbots for financial institutions and Singapore governmental agencies. 

Yan now works full-time with NeuralBay, doing A.I. consultancy for MNCs around the region.

Yan Low, NeuralBay

Yan Low

  • LinkedIn Yan Low

Founding CTO

Devops Specialist, Uni Drop-Out and A.I. Practitioner

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