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Artificial Intelligence changes the elemental ways we set up and operate our businesses. With new findings being published every week, A.I. is presently in a largely malleable space and many companies are still unfamiliar with precisely how to translate these research into industrial applications.

Our experienced team will work closely with you to develop and effectively deploy custom neural network models and end-to-end A.I. driven solutions to increase your operational productivity.

NeuralBay Artificial Intelligence AI Consultancy Singapore Image Video Processing
NeuralBay Artificial Intelligence AI Consultancy Singapore Image Video Processing

Collect & Clean Data

Train & Test Model

Build Customised

Neural Network


Integration (Cloud/Server)

User Interface

Hardware Assistance

Trainings & Workshops

Support & Maintenance

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NeuralBay AI Consultancy Image Processing
NeuralBay AI Consultancy Video Analytics

Client Proposal

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Project Scoping Document


Software Development

Business Logic

Labelling of Data

Training Custom Neural Network Models

Develop Graphic User Interface / API

Hardware Assistance

Integration with IOT Sensors (eg. Lidars)

Camera, Lighting, Processor & Relevant Image Capturing Equipment*


Integration (Cloud/Server)

System Integration*

Trainings & Workshops

Support & Maintenance (Retraining of NN model with new datasets)

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Q: Will NeuralBay do the System Integration (eg. cabling, installation of cameras)

Unfortunately, we do not do the systems integration. During the build phase, we will establish the hardware components you need, and can liaise with the (machine vision) system integrators around your region.

Q: Can NeuralBay integrate with legacy systems (eg. SAP, Oracle)

We have integrated our outputs with SAP and Oracle, but will need to understand more about which provider and version of legacy system(s) you are using before commencement of the project.