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Ten of the Most Brilliant Minds You Will Meet @ Campus Party

6 - 8 July 2018, Singapore Expo, Hall 7

Yup, Annabelle is first on the list.

We had previously posted about how excited we are to participate at Campus Party here.

Since then, we have decided what we want to do at Campus Party. We will be doing a presentation, an art-installation, and maybe a Machine Learning Challenge!

1. Presentation

Artificial Intelligence: A Close Look at Boob Cleavage
What does ‘Artificial’ and ‘Boobs’ have in common? We will be teaching the computer to discern how ‘deep’ should your #Vneck tshirt or #Bikini be, and bringing you through the entire process of developing a Neural Network model from data collection to implementation. Audience participation is encouraged, but knowing you guys, we will have a mannequin on stage to test the limits of what the computer thinks is socially acceptable, or not. Join us, because it will be massive amounts of fun :)

2. Art-Installation

Fortune Reading: Facial Scanning
“Wah! So high-tech ah?” Yes, we are digitizing this traditional industry and saving you the trip to the feng shui master. This technology is powered by Artificial Intelligence, meaning that 50% is artificial and 50% of it is actual intelligence. Nonetheless, drop by the free Facial Scanning booth for some fun and compare fortunes with your friends :)

3. Machine Learning Challenge

(Tentative, depending on the sponsors!)